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    Meet Anna & Sophie - the ladies behind Pop & Confetti!


    Oh hello there!

    My name is Anna, and I'm the girl with dark hair! I studied in Marketing at McGill University and have worked in several startup companies. I love the thrill of starting new projects and coming up with new ideas and seeing them coming to life. If you ask me what are my two passions, I’d say home decor and entertaining. I like to decorate my house and buy entertaining accessories (oh wait, I also LOVE traveling!)  to make hosting more fun (for me!) and enjoyable (for my guests). My passion for entertaining extends to party/event planning, which I like to do for my church community.

    Besides all of that, I’m married to Timothy who I like to call “Timon”. I talk a lot about our marriage on my personal blog “Style in White”. Take a look when you get the chance. :)

    • Coffee or Tea? coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.
    • Married or single? married to Mr. Perfect-for-me.
    • Cannot go out of the house without: my cellphone, makeup bag and agenda.
    • Guilty pleasure: watching TV while eating junk food - Ruffles BBQ chips are my favorite! (Thank God it doesn’t happen often!)
    • Favorite quote: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".
    • Wardrobe style: neutrals and understated with a hint of color (but if you ask Sophie, she’d say mostly white white white).
    • A party without great company is not a party!

    Now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope that it makes you want to grab a cup of coffee and have a conversation with me in “real life”. :)



    My name is Sophie and I'm guessing you have already deciphered who I am ~ blond and wild describes me best!

    I studied Textile Design at Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA and since moving back to Montreal, I have worked for several textile companies in both Fashion and Interiors as a buyer and designer. I love all things design - from graphics to interiors, textile design to event design. I am also very passionate about cooking, traveling, photography and gardening.

    I am a true Gemini - on the one hand, I am someone who is super organized & detail oriented and on the other, creative! It wasn't until I planned my own wedding that I discovered my love for planning parties and events. This love blossomed even further when I started planning birthday parties for my two children - Liam (aka LiLi) & Ella (aka Ellie Wellie) and baby showers for my friends and family. As a mom & party planner, I know how to turn any party into a memorable one even when time, energy and funds may be stacked against you! This is where Pop & Confetti came to life!

    I invite you to join Anna and I on our adventures as designers, stylists, home cooks, decorators, crafters, DIYers, party hostesses and more! We hope that our party kits will create long lasting memories for you and your family all while saving you time & money!

    • Coffee or Tea? I only need coffee on days ending with "y"! hee hee
    • Married or single? Married to my wonderful husband who puts up with all of my plans, projects and countless ideas!
    • Cannot go out of the house without: My cellphone! 
    • Guilty pleasure: Popcorn with extra butter...mmm
    • Favorite quote: Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl
    • Wardrobe style: A little bit of this and a little bit of that!
    • A party without FUN is not a party!